"When in Rome, Remember Your SANDALS!"

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Dr. Richard A. LaFleur
(aka, Doctor Illa Flora)
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Recipient of the 2013 ACTFL Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

2021 tribute in The Classical Outlook  

Dr. Richard LaFleur


Welcome to my web pages for Latin teaching methods

SALVETE, VOS OMNES!! This was previously the site for my online Latin teaching methods tutorial, “Methods and Materials for Teaching Latin,” aka, “When in Rome, Remember Your SANDALS!” Except by special request, I am no longer offering the class, which I previously taught as a formal academic course for many years through a fruitful collaboration between the University of Georgia’s Department of Classics and Department of Independent and Distance Learning, as an independent self-paced tutorial for adult learners with a strong background in Latin who desired a thorough grounding in methodology and materials for teaching the language at all levels, K-12 and college, but particularly in high school.

If interested in the tutorial's content, you may read my Introduction to the tutorial here and then email me for further information.

This site is open to ANYONE, and I hope it will be of value especially to new teachers and teachers-in-training–though there may be some RES BONAE here even for veterans! The site includes, not exhaustive, but rather REPRESENTATIVE materials that may serve as models, or at least be suggestive, of the sorts of lesson plans, assessments (tests, quizzes, etc.), handouts and worksheets, powerpoints and videos, and a wide variety of other materials that Latin teachers (at ALL levels, from grade school to graduate school) may use in their classrooms (a few of the materials–forms and the like–were specific to the tutorial itself). The LINKS page, moreover, will direct you to a number of other websites that I regard as among the most useful to Latin teachers and that point the way to a vast treasure trove of resources to enrich your teaching.

I will be most grateful to any visitor to this site who notices errors, infelicities, or dead links or who wishes to suggest other useful websites for the LINKS page and especially to anyone who has exemplary and innovative materials (lesson plans, tests, handouts, powerpoints, video clips, etc.) and is willing to share them; I cannot post all materials, but please email me any resources you think may be appropriate and I promise to give them prompt and careful attention.


R. A. (“Rick”) LaFleur, aka Doctor Illa Flora





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