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This site is open to ANYONE, and I hope it will be of some value, not just to my online students, but to Latinists everywhere, teachers as well as students! I will be most grateful to any visitor to this site who wishes to suggest other materials for these pages or other useful websites that should be posted on the LINKS pages. I cannot post all materials, but please email me any resources you think may be appropriate and I promise to give them prompt and careful attention.

Recipient of the 2013 ACTFL Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

2021 tribute in The Classical Outlook 

R. A. (“Rick”) LaFleur, aka Doctor Illa Flora


   Probably the most important feature of this tutorial and the accompanying texts is the emphasis placed on historical fidelity to the language over convenience. The constant recommendation to read passages aloud gives the student an auditory means of distinguishing between and retaining proper pronunciations and spellings. Of the four foreign languages I have ever studied, this tutorial has been the most exacting in requiring precision in all four features of learning language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
     As far as the actual teaching method, it is at an optimal pace. Each pensum and its accompanying Caput in Wheelock has a variety of foci: morphology, syntax, and vocabulary. While this structure itself is internally varied, it is repeated regularly and in small enough elements that the student never loses practice with any one element but is never overwhelmed, either. Further, the non-linear progression–e.g., introducing most third conjugation verbs in one chapter and but then revisiting the -i verbs of that conjugation a few chapters later–makes sure that the student is constantly consolidating older material while simultaneously learning new material. To be honest, I cannot think of a single feature of the tutorial that needs improvement. Thank you very much for this opportunity–and I look forward to taking your second tutorial! 

                                                                     Andrew Deaton, pre-doctoral student in history

     Dr. LaFleur's instruction and guidance are peerless. The course was well structured, lending itself toward learning quickly. Working with Dr. LaFleur helped me gain a mastery of the language which will serve me well as I pursue a Masters of Theological Studies at Boston College.

                                                                     Deepan Rajaratnam, M.T.S. '16

I want to emphasize HOW MUCH I enjoyed doing Doctor Illa FlOra's tutorials, and I LOVE what he's done with improving Wheelock's!! It was a great service moving the footnotes into the main text and clarifying the contents in so many ways. I consider this book to be not just the superior Latin grammar textbook, but a CULTURAL GEM with all the insights that are provided about the Roman world and society. And the supplement Scribblers is equally important for forming the student into a well-rounded learner. Dr. LaFleur's curriculum has set the standard for future Latin instruction!

                                                                     Keith Saare, U.S. Army Chaplain

I most certainly plan to take the Ovid tutorial with Dr. LaFleur when I reach that point in my Latin proficiency. He's a great teacher and I appreciate the extra help he has provided me!

                                                                Michael Aull, EFL instructor and graduate student


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