"When in Rome, Remember Your SANDALS!"

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This page links to a variety of Powerpoint materials designed for Latin classes, particularly introductory classes; updates are posted frequently, so keep checking back. Like the other pages on this site, this one is merely a complement to the content of the my Methods and Materials tutorial courseguide and prescribed texts, which include extensive discussion of the sorts of materials posted on the site. If you are already a teacher and have designed Powerpoints you'd be willing to share, by all means email them to me; I can't post all the materials sent to me, but I will certainly consider them all.

  • Noun identification by Samuel Warner

    This power point is used to assess and practice case identification with students. Students learn their noun endings like vocabulary instead of just like a chart. There are custom slides which are used to focus on a particular declension or all of them. The slides are timed and the students have to say all possible cases and numbers before the time is up and get through a set number of the slides without error. 

  • Intro and Why Take Latin by Stacey Knight

  • This is a little power point presentation that I use on the first day of a level I Latin class. In addition to being shameless propaganda, it teaches the students something REAL the very first day of class. I use ‘salvete’ for the rest of the year as a way to begin class as well as a means of getting their attention, ‘helloooo?!’ The students go home the first day and can greet their family members…priceless.
    For slide #10—Quis es? I hand out a student information sheet; similar to the one I’ve filled out on the slide. I give the students a few minutes to complete their sheet, then I show and read mine to them. I change it a little bit each year for the obvious reasons (my children’s ages) and more fun ones (movies and music).

  • Regulus and the First Punic War by Sara Filler

  • CORPVS HVMANVM by Dennis M. McHenry II
  • This PowerPoint presentation uses images adapted from the textbook to review the various parts of the human body (including the head and the inner organs), which are introduced in capitulum XI of Ørberg's LINGVA LATINA. It is generally used to review the material, already learned in context, before a quiz or a test.

  • Counting on the Dawgs by Mark Crowley
  • This presentation is intended to be a lively, interactive exercise in using Latin numerals in the Latin I classroom.  The goal is to use as many senses as possible in the exercise (as per the Dr. LaFleur S.A.N.D.A.L.S. method).  I have written out a question for each slide, but any number of other questions could be asked about each one.  When I used this presentation in a Latin I classroom, I did not have the questions appear on the screen so that the students would be forced to listen and comprehend the spoken latin as well as to look at the picture before forming their responses.  It may also be useful for you all to know that this was intended for a classroom of UGA students, many of whom were football fans as I am.  These can be used as is, or a similar theme could be applied according to your or the students' interests.  For reference, the poll included is the BCS poll of week 9 of the 2009 season.

  • The Trojan War by Andrea Herdelin (LATN 4770 Lesson 9 project)
  • This Powerpoint Presentation was designed to accompany the reading "The Trojan War," from Chapter 4 of Jenney's First Year Latin (1987).

    You will find numerous additional powerpoints in the portfolios on my Methods and Materials tutorial Teaching Portfolios page.



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