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Teacher's Guide for Wheelock's Latin

These resources are provided gratis to instructors and students working independently; materials are added/revised frequently, so be sure to check for updates on a regular basis. PLEASE read the INTRODUCTION for a variety of useful teaching tips before proceeding to these other materials.

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Generic Lesson Plans
The Story's the Thing
Latin 1001, Day 1
Latin 1001, Day 2
Ch. 1, day 1
Ch. 1, day 2
Ch. 1, day 3
Ch. 2, day 1
Ch. 2, day 2
Ch. 2, day 3
Ch. 3, day 1
Ch. 3, day 2
Ch. 4, day 1
Ch. 4, day 3

Ch. 5, day 2
Ch. 6, day 1
Ch. 7, day 3
Ch. 8, day 1
Ch. 8, day 2
Ch. 9, day 1
Ch. 9, day 2
Ch. 9, day 3
Ch. 10, day 1
Ch. 10, day 2
Ch. 11, day 1
Ch. 11, day 2
Latin 1002, Day 1
Ch. 21, day 2

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Introduction Pronunciation Practice Handout
Ch. 1: Conjugal verbs handout
Ch. 1 and 3: Horace handout
Ch. 2: Catullus handout
Ch. 3: Pandora handout for Groton and May
Ch. 4: Catullus and the Woman He Loves
Ch. 4: Phaethon Car Ad for Groton and May
Ch. 5: Battle of Thermpylae handout
Ch. 5: Thermopylae handout by Ayers
Ch. 5: Thermpylae passage by Lanier
Ch. 5, 6, 9, 34, etc.: Martial handout
Ch. 6: Livy and Roman Hisoriography
Ch. 7: Silly Sentences mnemonic declension endings by Lasater
Ch. 8: Groton Laocoon handout by Parker
Ch. 8.: Cicero handout by Rosenblatt
Ch. 8: Cicero: The Philosophical Works (Waging War) by Verhine
Ch. 9: Day 2 worksheet
Ch. 9: Martial PPT by Emily Truitt
Ch. 11: A Lovers Quadragle worksheet
Ch. 11: Cicero In Catilinam handout by Verhine
Ch. 12: Pliny handout by Matthews
Ch. 12: Roman Funerary Inscriptions handout I
Ch. 12, 14, 22:Martial: Doctors and Undertakers handout by Johnston
Ch. 13: Monster in the Mirror
Ch. 13: Narcissus and Echo handout by Zeigler
Ch. 13.: Reflexives worksheet
Ch. 15: Worksheet
Ch. 16: Adjectival functions worksheet by Verhine
Ch. 16: Praelectio questions
Ch. 17: De Senectute handout by McGar and Sineath
Ch. 17: The Myrmidons
Ch. 17: Relative pronoun worksheet
Ch. 18: Groton Peleus handout by Fisher

Ch. 18: Peleus and Thetis handout for Groton and May
Ch. 18.:
Ovid handout by Fisher
Ch. 18 (and Groton Ch. 4ff): Ovid handout by Lasater
Ch. 19: Perfect passive system and interrogatives worksheet
Ch. 19: Skits
Ch. 19: Worksheet
Ch. 20: (to accompany Groton and May's "The Labor's of Hercules"
Ch. 1-20: Review summary
Ch. 21: Tango synopsis/synopsis practice sheet
Ch. 21: Vergil's "Messianic" Eclogue (Wheelock Ch. 21)
Ch. 23: Laocoon, episode one
Ch. 23: Participles worksheet
Ch. 24: Ablative absolute worksheet
Ch. 24: Passive periphrastic worksheet
Ch. 25: Infinitives/indirect statement worksheet
Ch. 27: Alley Cat
Ch. 28: Worksheet
Ch. 28-40: Subjunctive mood summary
Ch. 29: Quintilian handout for Groton and May
Synopsis form (indicative and subjunctive)
Ch. 31: Cum-clause worksheet
Ch. 31ff: chart of fero and other irregular verbs, by Adam Clay (requires Excel) 
Ch. 32: Practice quiz worksheet
Ch. 34: Martial handout (clisck on Ch. 5 Martial hanout left)
Ch. 36: Catullus 85
Ch. 37: Worksheet
Ch. 37-38: Worksheet
Ch. 39: Gerunds and Gerundives worksheet
Ch. 39: SCRIBBLERS, To Everything There Is a Season handout
Ch. 40: Questions, fear clauses, ablative and genitive of description worksheet
Latin 1001-1002 Review summary, Chs. 1-40
Classroom Latin handout: Lasater
Familia Latina handout
Opus in Tabula handout

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Testing Guidelines for Graduate Teaching Assistants
Test Design and Grading, from LATN 4770 online methods course
Test 1, Fall 2010
Test 1, Fall 2010, M. Roberts
Test 1, Fall 2010, Key, M. Roberts
Test 1, Fall 2009
Test 1, Fall 2009, Key
Test 1, Fall 2008
Test 1, Fall 2008, Key
Test 1, Fall 2005
Test 1, Fall 2005, Key
Test 1, Fall 2004
Test 1, Fall 2002, Key
Test 2, Wheelock-Scribblers
Test 2, Wheelock-Scribblers Key
Test 2, Fall 2009
Test 2, Fall 2009, Key
Test 2, Fall 2008
Test 2, Fall 2008, Key
Test 2, Fall 2005
Test 2, Fall 2005, Key
Test 3, Wheelock-Scribblers
Test 3, Wheelock-Scribblers Key
Test 3, Fall 2009
Test 3, Fall 2009, Key
Test 3a, (chs. 5-7), M. Evans
Test 3,
Fall 2008
Test 3, Fall 2008, Key
Test 3, Fall 2008, Griffin
Test 3, Fall 2005
Test 4 (ch 9-11), Wheelock-Scribblers
Test 4 (ch 9-11), Wheelock-Scribblers key

Test 4, Fall 2008
Test 4, Fall 2008, Key
Test 4,
Fall 2005
Test 4, Fall 2005, Key
Test 5 (ch 12-14) Wheelock-Scribblers
Test 5 (ch 12-14) Wheelock-Scribblers key
Test 5, Fall 2008
Test 5, Fall 2008, Michalak
Test 5, Fall 2008, Key Michalak
Test 5, Fall 2005
Test 6 (Ch. 15-17) Wheelock- Scribblers)
Test 6 (Ch. 15-17) Wheelock- Scribblers) key
Test 6, (ch 15-17), Parker
Test 6, (ch 15-17), Key Parker
Test 6, Spring 2007, Key
Test 6, Fall 2005
Test 6, Fall 2005, Key
Test 7, Fall 2004
Ch 1-20 Final Exam, E. Parker
Ch 1-20 Final Exam, E. Parker, key
Ch 1-20 Final Exam #2, E. Parker
Ch 1-20 Final Exam #2, E. Parker, key
Ch 1-20 Final Exam, M. Roberts
Ch 1-20 Final Exam, M. Roberts, key
Final Exam and key, Fall 2007 Lasater
Final Exam, Spring 2007 Lanier
Final Exam, Spring 2007, Key Lanier
Final Exam, Fall 2005
Final Exam, Fall 2004

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Test for Chapters 21-22 (2011)
Test key for Chapters 21-22 (2011)
for Chapters 21-22 (2006)
Test key for Chapters 21-22 (2006)
Test for Chapters 23-25 (2011)
Test key for Chapters 23-25 (2011)
Test for Chapters 23-25 (2006)
Test key for Chapters 23-25 (2006)
Test for Chapters 26-29 (2011)
Test key
for Chapters 26-29 (2011)

Test for Chapters 26-29 (2006)
Test key for Chapters 26-29 (2006)
Test for Chapters 30-32 (2011)
Test key for Chapters 30-32 (2011)
Test 5, Spring 2011
Test 5, Spring 2011, Key
Test 5, Spring 2006
Test 5, Spring 2006, reading passage
Test 6, Spring 2006, Key

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Quiz Design and Grading
Practice Quiz 1
Ch. 1, Quiz 1, Fall 2007
Ch. 1, Quiz 2, Fall 2007
Ch. 2, Practice Quiz
Ch. 1-2, Quiz, Fall 2010
Ch. 2, Quiz 2
Ch. 3, Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 3, Day 2
Ch. 3, Quiz 2
Ch. 3, Quiz 4
Ch. 4, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 4,
Day 2 Quiz 2
Ch. 4,
Day 2 Quiz 3
Ch. 4,
Day 3 Quiz
Ch. 5 Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 5, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 5, Day 2 Quiz c
Ch. 6, Day 1 Quiz
Ch. 6, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 6, Day 3 Quiz
Ch.6-7, Quiz
Ch. 7, Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 7, Day 3 Quiz
Ch. 8, Day 1 Quiz
Ch. 8, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 9, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 9, Day 3 Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 9, Day 3 Quiz
Ch. 10, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 10-11, Day 2 Quiz

Ch. 11, Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 11, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 11, Day 3 Quiz
Ch. 12, Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 14, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 17, Quiz
Ch. 18, Quiz
Ch. 18, Day 2, Quiz
Ch. 19, Quiz 1
Ch. 19, Day 2, Wheelock/Scribblers Quiz
Ch. 19, Quiz 2
Ch. 21, Quiz 1
Ch. 23, Quiz 1
Ch. 23, Quiz 2
Ch. 23, Quiz mockup
Ch. 24, Day 2-3 Quiz
Ch. 25 Quiz
Ch. 26, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 29 Quiz
Ch. 30, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 30, Day 3 Quiz
Ch. 32 Quiz 1
Ch. 32, Quiz 2
Ch. 34, Day 2 Quiz
Ch. 35, Quiz
Ch. 35, Quiz 2
Ch. 36, Quiz, Spring 2006
Ch. 36, Quiz 2
Ch. 37, Quiz
Ch. 39, Quiz

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LATN 1001/2 writing assignments
Grading Guidelines for written translation assignments

Term paper requirements
Writing Guidelines Latin 1002, Spring 2006

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Ch. 15 UGA football numerals, by Mark Crowley


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Keys for Wheelock's Latin, Workbook for Wheelock's Latin, and Scribblers, Scvlptors, and Scribes are available only to instructors and home-schoolers; to receive the username and password, please visit

Wheelock's "Loci Antiqui" and "Loci Immutati" are adapted more or less directly from authentic Latin texts, the former with some words or sentences omitted or occasionally simplified slightly, the latter completely unaltered except for omissions (indicated by three dots, ...). Both the original Latin texts and English translations are widely and easily available in libraries, bookstores, and most conveniently online at the PERSEUS website maintained by Tufts University at:

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teacher's guide



Ubi Fera Sunt


A lively, lovingly wrought Latin version of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, translated by noted Latinist Richard A. LaFleur (aka, Doctor Illa Flora).

Wheelock's Latin Grammar Charts

Ecclesiastical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin Sentences
By Richard Upsher Smith, Jr.

Find ThemEcclesiastical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin Sentences offers Sententiae and Loci Immutati complete with notes, vocabulary, and grammar explanations for the 40 chapters of Wheelock’s Latin.

Find Them
By Sally Proctor

Find ThemVERBA MIXTA LATINA for Wheelock's Latin is an entertaining way for students to engage with Latin vocabuary. These puzzles can be enjoyed by and benefit Latin students at any level!



Grammaticus is the premiere study aid for Wheelock’s Latin, 7th Edition, for Android devices. Principium is the version for iPhone.


Scribblers, Scvlptors, and Scribes
By Richard A. LaFleur

ScribblersThis all new supplementary reader is designed to accompany the Wheelock's curriculum, but is also suitable for any Latin program.


contact Sally Winchester at 

Wheelock's Latin GrammarQuick!

By Richard A. LaFleur, Brad Tillery

GrammarQuickA quick and complete overview of Latin grammar—both forms and usage—on six durably coated cards, five-hole punched for easy insertion into notebooks. Arranged by part of speech, with summaries of all forms and the most common syntax, including case uses and subjunctive clauses. An essential companion to Wheelock's Latin and all introductory texts, and a handy reference guide for intermediate and more advanced students as well.

**Cumulative Chapter Vocabulary Lists for Wheelock's Latin--the list for each chapter contains all the words for that chapter as well as for all chapters preceding! from Bolchazy-Carducci.

** Readings from Wheelock's Latin -- an extraordinary 4-CD audio package with recitations and dramatic performances available from Bolchazy-Carducci.


Online audio with a general introduction and pronunciation of all 40 chapter vocabularies (Macromedia Flash required). Simply click on the Audio Link in the menu above or go here.

The Wheelock's Latin Series isn't complete without:

Image of the bookcover of Wheelock's Latin Reader.Wheelock's Latin Reader

Originally intended as a sequel to Wheelock's Latin, this is the ideal text for any intermediate-level Latin course. Read not only classical authors but also medieval and late Latin writers.

Workbook for Wheelock's Latin

You will find in this essential companion to Wheelock's Latin  transformation drills, word power sections, reading comprehension questions and more.


Need a dictionary?

Image of the bookcover of the Latin Gem dictionary.Collins Gem Latin Dictionary

This best-selling Latin mini-dictionary comes with a verbs and nouns supplement; numbers, dates and measures; plus an index of geographical names.

Harper Collins Latin Concise Dictionary

This is a Latin dictionary and grammar—two books in one. It also has supplements on Roman history, life and culture; words and phrases used in English; and more.


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